About the Author

Pran Kurup (Oct3rd 1966 – Sep3rd 2016) was a technology entrepreneur and political observer and commentator who followed and wrote about Indian politics for close to a decade. He was very closely involved with the AamAadmi Party (AAP) since its inception on various fronts, including coordinating many of the efforts of the AAP NRI community. He authored a very popular blog on the Economic Times website for several years. He was also instrumental in hosting over 100 Google Hangouts with AAP leaders, business leaders, candidates, social activists and others since its inception. He completed his undergraduate degree from IIT Kharagpur and his graduate degree from University of Miami, Florida, and has authored three technical books. He was the former President of the Silicon Valley India Professionals Association (SIPA). Apart from reading and writing his hobbies included cooking and gardening.

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